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The English attacked again on August 8 before the Spanish ship could regroup.

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The battle went on for 8 hours straight, and three Spanish ships were sunk while the others were badly battered. Recognizing the power of the English fleet, the Spaniards headed back to Spain. Only about 60 ships reached Spain, most of them too damaged to be repaired. The English lost thousands of men due to disease and casualties in battle. The outcome of the battle made Spain less powerful then before.

It marked the turning point between the era of Spanish world domination, and the risk of Britain to the position of international power Goldman 1. The once powerful Spain was now recognized as being defeated.

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England remained victorious and powerful, gaining the wealth that they once dreamed of Goldman 1. The Spanish Armada was a fleet organized to take over England. The Spanish had many flaws which helped them fail the Spanish armada.

Why the Spanish Armada lost.

One of them was when the Spanish fleet got to Calais they had to wait a long time because the Spanish army had not yet arrived if they had planned it a little bit better and had got there at the same time this would have caused them not to lose so much precious time. Another flaw was that when the Spanish fleet got scattered because drake had used explosive on the fire ship they were forced to sail around the British Isles just to arrive back home safely.

Through all this time many of the Spanish ships got lost because of the bad storms. If the Spanish had put enough food and water on their ships then this might not have happened. Weapons and ships. For example the English could use their guns much more quickly than the Spanish could this was a major advantage to the English.

Why did the Spanish Armada happen?

This is one of the reasons why they failed because the English refused to fight at a close distant. The English ships were much lighter than the heavy Spanish ships this also was a disadvantage to the Spanish because the English ships could get to places quicker. Conclusion Overall the Spanish armada failed because the Spanish had many flaws, the English tactics were much better and the English admirals were much stronger than the Spanish admiral.

But I think the main reason why they failed was because the English had much faster and lighter ships than the Spanish and the English weapons were faster than the Spanish and there were more of them. Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail.

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Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. The introduction will exclusively deal with the novel of William Golding and the author himself. The general information includes of course a summary, a portrait of the author, the island setting of the novel and a characterisation Pastoral poetry is defined as poetry professing to portray the innocence of shepherd life, according to a specific literary convention.

They range from love lyrics to lengthy dramatic works and elaborate elegies. Christopher Marlowe is considered to be the first great English dramatist before Shakespeare. The Tower of London is the oldest and probably the most famous historical building in Europe.

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The Tower of London was started in by its founder, William the Conqueror. It was built to serve as a fortress, a prison, and a symbol of power. The Tower began as a simple enclosure made out of Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Dinah Dixon Modified over 3 years ago. Leadership Tactics Why did the Spanish Armada fail?

Weaponry Luck. You must also answer the question. The most important reason the Armada failed was because the English had better leadership than the Spanish. Tactics Weaponry Luck Now try writing your own first sentence for the other three paragraphs. In contrast, Duke of Medina Sidonia, the Spanish leader, was chosen because of his social status and not his skill. This gave the English a clear advantage because their enemy did not really know what he was doing. Moreover, when Medina Sidonia had a chance to attack the trapped English fleet at Plymouth Harbour, he instead sailed past.

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  • As a result, he missed an opportunity to easily defeat the English fleet. Furthermore, Sir Francis Drake proved how good a leader he was when he sailed the English fleet close to the Spanish fleet during the Battle of Graveline.

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    • As a consequence of this daring attack the Armada was badly damaged and effectively defeated. Now we have to link our paragraph back to the question — to make sure it is being answered! Therefore, the most important reason the Spanish Armada was defeated was because the English had better leadership than the Spanish.

      One of the reasons the Spanish Armada failed was because the English had better leadership than the Spanish. Write a paragraph Point: Remember what we did at the start!