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For example, children today have too many caretakers performing as parents. When this situation occurs from the ages of 2 to 8, children feel rejected because of being left with others. The message is that being separated is painful, but necessary. Finally, this discussion must lead to the importance of play.

Play is an important part of childhood, and must not be hurried or transformed into work. In essence pure play is needed to reduce stress and experience joy. Adults must not turn play into work and must not teach children during their play period. In effect, play fosters creativity better than store bought toys. And self-expression is very important. In the final analysis, childhood is a significant part of life, and it should be both respected and valued. Children are entitled to their childhood and should not be hurried through this stage.

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David Elkind , effects of stress , psychologist , tips for parents. Follow Dr. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. In the United States ample people eat fast food as a daily meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three. We drive by plenty fast food restaurants I kind of understand why it may be hard to not stop and just grab a fry Good Essays words 3.

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An athlete does not want to wait two hours after playing to get home to eat. Food gives people energy and restores an athlete of his or her lost nutrients. Avoiding fast food is not always possible, so portioning meals can be helpful when fast food is the only option. Good Essays words 2. On the other side of the spectrum being soiled and having everything handed to you on a silver platter can slow your maturity down causing many to never grow up. Good Essays words 1. In an affluent Chicago suburb, elementary school students carry cell phones, pagers, palm pilots and PDAs personal digital assistants to keep track of their hectic schedules.

Good Essays words 6. They use different types of marketing strategies in order to get kids to want their product. These companies are making millions of dollars marketing to children, and are not concerned about the well being of the children. Good Essays words 4.

Adulthood is the period that comes after the adolescence stage.

The age where one is considered as an adult varies considerably. A lot of people believe that being deliberate, genuine and thoughtful is being an adult.

Are Children Growing Up Too fast Essay - Words | Bartleby

However, there are numerous deviations from this benchmark — accounting for the varying age of maturity. Philosophers, lawmakers and scientists differ in opinions of the periods when adolescent ceases, and adulthood starts. However, in most cases, year-olds are not mature enough to be responsible or deal appropriately with the society.

Their mindsets are not done maturing. Research shows that the prefrontal cortex is halfway developed for year-olds.

Kids are growing up too fast

The frontal lobe is responsible for cognitive skills such as problem-solving, emotional expression, decision making, etc. For this reason, the majority of year-olds behave more like adolescents than adults. These individuals have not assumed complete adult responsibility, and thus, they are not entirely independent. In addition, most of these individuals cannot hold mature conversations with older people and therefore prefer to be with their age mates or younger friends.

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Setting the age of responsibility at 18 destroys the state of mind of young teenagers and makes them want to grow up too fast. Another set age of transition to adulthood is A lot of people argue that 21 should be the correct age of maturity. They say that at 21 years, an individual is ready to take on responsibilities such as having jobs, voting or drinking. However, 21 is an arbitrary age that was chosen unintelligibly since year-olds are not fully mature and cannot be trusted by the society.

They are prone to making bad choices in life since their frontal cortex is not entirely developed. They also have not yet earned the respect of the society. They are often misunderstood and do not make the best first impression with older generations. Most of them are at the stage where they are trying to figure out who they are. As a result, they dress wildly and do impulsive things and end up being treated with less respect. In addition, older people feel superior and better than the younger generation since they have more life experiences. For this reason, the age of responsibility should not be set at It should be increased to Psychologists say that true adulthood begins at 25, despite the fact that the transition from childhood to adulthood is traditionally set at