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Road accident at Ashulia BD by SR Paribahan

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No Downloads. I am now worried for my future and that of my two children. More than 4, people die on Bangladesh's roads every year. The country has one of the highest rates in the world, with more than 85 deaths for every 10, registered motor vehicles. That's around 50 times higher than the rate in most western countries. Traffic accidents strike deadly blows to poor families like the Begums, and they also suck billions out of Bangladesh's economy.

This is almost equal to the total foreign aid received in a fiscal year.

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  • The losses include direct and indirect expenses, such as medical costs, insurance loss, property damage, family income losses and traffic congestion. Experts say crashes disproportionately affect the poor, making road safety a vital issue for economic development. Case studies in Bangladesh found that poor families were more likely than those better off to lose their head of household and suffer immediate economic effects as a result of road traffic injuries. The loss of earnings, together with medical, funeral and legal bills, can have a ruinous effect on a family's finances, according to the WHO's world report on road traffic injury prevention.

    Another study, carried out by the Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh in , sheds light on the huge burden traffic accidents place on Bangladesh's healthcare system. Hence, the bus drivers fear for their lives because ordinary Bengali pedestrians, car drivers, and rickshaw drivers adapt the mob mentality, eager to each throw a punch at a driver until death. The bus drivers avoid a beating by abandoning the vehicle, escaping on foot, or speeding away given the opportunity. Next are the cars driven by a few middle class people, and also the wealthy private citizens.

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    Road Accident In Bagladesh

    These drivers act like they own the road, absolutely despising pedestrians, CNG, and rickshaws blocking their way. While riding in my friend's car we mistakenly, though gently, hit a female pedestrian who actually had the right away. My friend honked, screamed his favorite obscenities, and continued driving while the woman stood expressionless. Private cars will also cut off rickshaws and CNG's whenever possible. CNG's are actually motorcycles with attached cages built of the same scrap metal also used for bus exteriors. Fun fact. The C. Finally we have the rickshaws which are bicycles with carts attached.

    Keep in mind CNG's charge a minimum price that is far greater than a rickshaw. Except for pedestrians, the rickshaws are the turds of the road.

    Report on Road Accident of Bangladesh - Assignment Point

    They drive the slowest and are smaller than most everything else on the road. I should also mention there are other vehicles like motorcycles. Riding one of these in Dhaka is suicide. The first time I saw one riding through traffic I made a mental note of how dangerous it looked. Just ten minutes later, we passed the same motorcycle laid out on the road blocking traffic after a major crash!

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    The only times I saw horse and buggies on the road, they had children driving them. It seems like good practice before graduating to a rickshaw! It's a slow day at work for this street vendor.

    Road accidents caused 7,221 deaths in 2018: Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Organisation

    After his shift, he will ride his bicycle with the goods attached to the back, trying to survive the endless amount of other bicyclists and drivers doing the same. Oh no, it's not over yet. Many Bengali's travel by water through the city to transport products, or just avoid the never ending traffic. Some people even live under the bridges. Even without a motorboat, it appeared as if one of these paddle boats could arrive at a destination in less time then it would take with road transportation, given there is no traffic.