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Did you know you have ten times more bacteria cells in your body than human cells?

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Watch a live performance of my Mitochondria Motel song on Youtube and you too might become a pacifist in the war against bacteria. Full disclosure: I had pneumonia this winter and — gulp - I took antibiotics.

Save Our Mother Earth

So keep on recycling, reusing, repairing and refusing. And tell some good stories about your connection to the land and the waters where you live. The stories we tell today determine the future for our grandchildren.

Earth Day Poster & Writing Contest Winners | City of Hayward - Official website

This is a critical time, a potent time. We are involved in a process for which we will not see the results. We do it for others. We do it for beauty. When I started researching topics for my project, I was looking for issues related to Bowen. I started researching the ferry, and soon realized that our dependence on it is a big problem.

High school students take the ferry more than times in a year, just to get to school. So while most people on Bowen like to think of themselves as being environmentally friendly, most of us have a way bigger carbon footprint than people living in the city. So I started researching sustainability, and what it means to be sustainable on Bowen. Wayne Tatlow produces energy through solar panels on his house and with a windmill. Endswell Farm uses food scraps from local restaurants to feed their animals and use the manure from their animals to fertilize their fields. The animals eat the grass on the fields, and Endswell sells their meat to Bowen Islanders and Bowen Island restaurants.

Dave Macintosh has been a part of Bowen Island sustainability efforts for 18 years. This is one of the most successful recycling ventures in the GVRD. Earth Day is one day of the year where people talk about taking action and helping the environment, but we need to change this so that Earth Day is every day.

The way to do this is to make people knowledgeable about what they can do.

Earth Day Facts & Worksheets

One of the reasons I wanted to study sustainability for my Masterworks project is that I wanted to make people more aware of these problems and ultimately to make Bowen more sustainable. While Earth Day is just one day a year, the things that these people are doing--and what we can do--can make an impact for generations to come. Yet still we cling to it. It is the only story we know, and drives how we live, what we believe, and everything we do.

Every Day is Earth Day - an essay by Gabriella Chu

Everything we read, hear and see reinforces it. Perhaps Earth Day could give us the courage to recognize that our story is a story of illusion and disaster, and to start to craft and offer a new one. The first step might be to give up our denial that something will rescue us from the precipice we now stand upon, all of us on this tiny, fragile Spaceship Earth.

Denial that we can expect rescue from better leaders, or better technology, or a sudden upswell of coordinated global consciousness, or better laws or freer markets or a second coming.

Long and Short Essay on Save Earth in English

In his book Requiem for a Species, Clive Hamilton says his extensive study of the latest climate science research has led him to this conclusion: We now have no chance of preventing emissions rising well above a number of critical tipping points that will spark uncontrollable climate change. Whether human beings [will] still be a force on the planet, or even survive, is a moot point. This is a quick and easy way to make a suggestion, compliment a member of our staff or share an idea with us.

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