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The critical thinking test comes in two forms. The first is a question test, with 30 minutes to complete it in. The other is an minute test, which is to be completed within 60 minutes. The test is usually taken at a computer in the earlier stages of an application process, but may also appear at an assessment centre. An assumption is a claim that is accepted as the truth without sufficient evidence.

These are an issue for critical thinkers because, as a rule, claims made without factual evidence are unhelpful and can be misleading.

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For example, imagine if you worked at a company, and the success and survival of it depended on a continued market demand for DVDs. If, at the start of each financial year, executives at the company agreed that DVDs would continue to sell based on zero evidence, this would be an assumption. This could be dangerous since the sales of DVDs could suddenly drop, leaving the company in a difficult position.

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Assumptions are made quite often when constructing arguments. For the most part, this is down to one of the following reasons:. Explicit Assumption: An assumption made during construction of an argument which is disclosed by the person making the argument. Implicit Assumption: An assumption which is not disclosed by the person making an argument. Assumption questions in the critical thinking test assess your ability to highlight what assumptions an argument or statement is making.

Take a look at this example:. Your task is to identify which of the above assumptions, if any, are being made by the text. These assumptions are implicit, so you need to spot them for yourself. Take a look at the following answers and explanations to the above example:.

Explanation: In order to only see swans at the pond, there must be no other birds. Therefore, there cannot be any ducks at the pond in order to only see swans. Explanation: The statement does not specify what colour the swans have to be, only that swans have to be seen. Therefore, this assumption is not implied by the statement. Explanation: This is an assumption made by the initial statement because in order to see swans at the pond, there must be swans at the pond. All you need to do is see if the argument relies on any of the assumptions in order to be correct.

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Should businesses in London ensure that wages match the living wage for staff living in the city? Argument 1: No — staff can live outside of London and commute into the city to work. Argument 2: Yes — the alternative would be to force staff to commute, which can lead to increased stress and therefore reduced productivity. Argument 3: No — if businesses have to pay more for their staff to live where they want, they could end up having to pay for other luxuries such as private health care.

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Do schools have an obligation to make sure that students study at least one of the sciences at A-Level? Since schools should prepare students for the real world, they have an obligation to get them on the right track for a good career. Pupils are free to choose the subjects that they want to take, but should be made aware of the possible benefits of studying one of the sciences at A-Level.

The amount of organised crime in major cities has been increasing year on year. The number of armed police officers has also increased year on year. The government is now debating spending money on a new specialised taskforce for organised crime. A number of ex-chiefs of police have commented positively on this. Is this the correct decision? Argument 1: No — we can see from the statistics that the increase in number of armed police officers is rising at the same time as the amount of organised crime.

A new taskforce would just add to the problem rather than solve it. Argument 3: Yes — a specialised taskforce could be completely devoted to the problem of organised crime. In the long-term, this might mean that the government could potentially spend less money on armed police, which has the added benefit of having less police officers with firearms in cities. The rest of the firms are being pressured by investors who believe that a greater focus on diversity would increase annual profit.

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Should these remaining companies disclose their diversity data? Should nurses trained in the UK, and funded by the NHS, be required to work for a certain period of time within the UK public sector before being allowed to work in the private sector or overseas? Argument 1: Yes — the NHS funds many of these nurses through training, so they should have to give back for a fixed period of time.

This further experience would benefit them as well.

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    Change is bound to happen, it is important to lead change in the positive. In other words when a person does something that is unusual for them, then there must be a reason for that action. Example being if a person freaks out when they see someone they.

    Critical assumptions: thinking critically about critical thinking.

    This essay will discuss the three themes John Locke presents in his argument regarding personal identity, which are, the concept of categories, substance vs. Categories Locke argues that we cannot compare something until we have an idea of what category the thing being discussed will the placed under. He elaborates on this notion and argues that asking whether.

    This is when the real issues are ignored or never uncovered, and it happens for a variety of reasons like lacking confidence, making assumptions, lacking empathy or the inability or unwillingness to understand the views of others, being afraid of change or personal vulnerability. Critical thinking takes consistent behavior in asking the right questions about the subject.

    Assumptions can be damaging to relationships and without critical thinking and communication, our thought process can assume the wrong idea entirely. When I speak with someone who is a critical thinker, they can be so convincing that it is often challenging to decide what the correct conclusions are.

    To have inferences is to reach a conclusion on the basis of evidence and reasoning through critical thinking and asking the right questions. Critical Thinking and …show more content…. I work with someone who asks many questions, she is inquisitive, curious and a critical thinker. I have the questions in my head, but do not voice them as often as I should. My assumptions are that if someone is asking me to perform a task at work, they want it done the way they ask for it to be done and they would know better than I would. This assumption is not justifiable as people want me to grow learn my position.

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    In order for me to apply critical thinking in my life, I would ask more questions to be better informed. This would make it appear like I was not disinterested and actually had an opinion on certain things. A person who is not a critical thinker often comes across as unintelligent.